A pleasant outing

We have had a busy couple of days, mostly being not at home. After soccer on Wednesday night, I had an online video presentation, for a CBCA-WA judge’s talk. I didn’t realise how challenging speaking to an audience you can’t see can be – I rely a lot on the cues from the audience to know whether to keep speaking on a particular point or move on, and I had none of that! Was tricky, but I think it went well. I received a lovely bunch of flowers from the CBCA-WA branch today (well, probably yesterday, maybe even the day before! They were on the front doorstep, but we hadn’t used that door since we left Thursday morning, so only discovered today!), which was nice 🙂

Thursday we got in the car and headed south. It was a lovely day, and even though we took a scenic (very bad) road to our initial destination, we still managed to arrive early to ZooDoo, a wildlife park not too far from Hobart, but apparently in the middle of nowhere. I love that Tasmania’s hills make it seem like you’re in a very remote place, when in fact a major settlement could be just around the next bend! There we met up with Emma and her daughter, and spent a very pleasant few hours checking out the animals. Master Two overcame his initial trepidation to touch the native animals and enjoyed running up to wallabies to “pat roo!”. The big kids were quite taken with the lizard man, the bus ride and the birds. We all enjoyed!

From there, we made our way to Tansy’s place on the southern outskirts of Hobart, arriving just before she got home with eldest daughter. We were very pleased that the children got along extremely well (mostly), with the big girls bonding over trampoline time at once, and even Master Nine didn’t feel too left out. The littlies were very cute 🙂 Tansy and Finchy and I enjoyed face-to-face chat (interspersed with online interactions – normal for us!) and we even watched a bit of Doctor Who together, which was enlightening, Tansy being the long term fan she is, and Finchy being a scientist (what, Doctor Who not scientifically plausible? Never!) 🙂

We managed to head to bed at a respectable hour (darn you pregnancy!) but had a lovely leisurely start to Friday, which ended up with us wandering down to Big W (we don’t HAVE one in Launceston!) and surrounds for lunch. Not the cheapest of afternoons, but we had fun. We eventually said goodbye, as our cranky toddlers were pushed to the limits with no naptime, and the kids and I headed north again.

Today was another slow start, but then we had to brave the drizzle to take Master Nine to soccer. It wasn’t a pleasant time for spectators, but at least his team won! And today I’ve fluffled around doing not much except keep track of how Snapshot is going (launched yesterday!) and mucking about on the computer – more work tomorrow.

Not even worth posting the list – the only thing I’ve achieved is visiting friends!


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