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2012 Aurealis Awards Judges

It gives me great pleasure to announce the judging teams for the 2012 Aurealis Awards. The website will be updated shortly, but I know many judges are very keen to be outed, so here they are!

FANTASY NOVEL Helen Merrick (C), Joe Marsden & Cathie Tasker

FANTASY SHORT STORY Kathryn Linge (C), Peter Hickman & Tania Walker

SF NOVEL Alex Adsett (C), Lorraine Cormack & Alex Pierce

SF SHORT STORY Ben Payne (C), Dorothy-Jane (D.J.) Daniels & Cat Sparks

HORROR Stephanie Gunn (C), Emma Kate & Rob Riel

YOUNG ADULT Lyn Battersby (C), Lynne Lumsden Green & Gillian Polack

CHILDREN’S Jenny Hegedus (C), Joy Lawn & Tim McEwen

ILLUSTRATED BOOK/GRAPHIC NOVEL Deborah Biancotti (C), Andrew Finch & Kaaron Warren

COLLECTIONS/ANTHOLOGIES Katharine Stubbs (C), Sarah Hazelton & Matthew Chrulew

Once again we had a great number of applicants for the judging roles, and we really appreciate everyone who offers to volunteer their time for this important job.

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Aurealis Awards weekend

Well, the Aurealis Awards are over for another year (and just about to start over again, but let’s not talk about that now!). I’ve just spent a great afternoon and evening in Sydney with friends, colleagues and the spec fic community, at the AAs ceremony, wonderfully hosted by SpecFaction NSW. It was a night of glitz and glam (nice frocking up people!), great conversations, catching up and meeting new people. And awards! It was my great pleasure to help present the Galactic Suburbia team with the Peter McNamara Convenors’ Award for Excellence, and also to see Thoraiya Dyer claim the gong for Best Fantasy Short Story for the second year in a row, this time for a FableCroft story! Yay Thoraiya!

I took lots of photos – Cat Sparks has our community well trained. You point a camera at them and they pose! My photos are here.

So it was fun! Thanks SpecFaction for a great night and well done to all the creators recognised!

Thoraiya and her award! (with bonus Richard Harland)

The Galactic Suburbia podcast team – Alisa, Alex & Tansy


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And so we don’t forget the OTHER babies!

Frisbee-ing toddler!










School photos!


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New baby – first pic!

I think I forgot to announce it here – we are expecting our fourth baby in November! The kids (particularly Miss 6) are very excited, as are we! Had a scan today, at 13 weeks and saw all the right things for a growing creature to have (arms, legs – two of each – brain, heart etc!). Picture proof! This also helps explain my illness and lack of energy for the past couple of months – I knew, but I wasn’t telling!


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Weekend achievements

I so desperately look forward to weekends at the moment, and never achieve as much as I’d like, but am overall okay with what we did this past two days. Managed to finally clear the mountains of washing and  ironing – everything is AWAY where it belongs, for the first time since early April I think! This also meant I watched the latest Fringe and a few episodes of Lost Girl, which is a bonus.

I got all enthused this morning and cleaned bathrooms, kitchen and floors – yay for new vacuum cleaner! Yesterday I managed a trip to the hairdresser, jooshing up a little for the Aurealis Awards next weekend (my kids got lots of compliments for being so good!), and then we enjoyed a lovely sunshiney afternoon at soccer. Master Nine was a bit off his game (no training in two weeks) but still did pretty well against a stronger team – he had a good crack at least!

Had hoped to get into Myer at some point, but didn’t manage it. Did tick off two book reviews (both of ebooks, woo!) – only four more on the pile of Read books to write! And did some work on a group project that will be unveiled in a few weeks. In all, I think I’ll call it a win for the weekend.

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