Hmm, how’s that holiday list going?

Ah, yes, five days in and already feel like there’s NOT ENOUGH TIME!!! Why does time go so quickly when you’re on break?

  • Sort the garage – need to be able to get the car inside, and hopefully find space for some gym gear for husband.
  • Sort the kids clothes – pack up too smalls, find next size up hand-me-downs for Master Two, find the baby clothes! Have done Master Two’s drawers. I’ll take that as a start!
  • Sort my clothes – find the maternity clothes and see what will fit for the next few months.
  • Clean the house (it’s not too bad, but the bathrooms need a proper clean). It’s no messier than before – and all the folding is done and put away. Just ironing left to get on top of it!
  • Filing and preparation for tax – I won’t have time to do it at the end of July.
  • Mailout Epilogue and do the promo work for that. 

We had a freight snafu which saw the bulk of the boxes journey to Melbourne rather than Launceston! Pre-orders and author CC copies are sent, but there’s still some payment copies to be done! And you can win a copy of Epilogue at Goodreads!

  • Launch the 2012 Aurealis Awards entries (that’s a cheat – I don’t have to do much for that!). 

But I have finalised the judges’ bios for the website, and drafted the media release announcing the opening of the Awards for 2012 – waiting for approval and we’ll be rolling!

  • Visit friends! Went for a drive to Latrobe yesterday with one of Miss Six’s friends (and her mum & brother) – two birds with one stone, as we went somewhere new, with friends! And tomorrow we’re off to Hobart to visit Tansy & the family, via catching up with Em at a kid friendly location. And we had the Flintharts on Sunday. Not a bad start 🙂
  • Write a gazillion book reviews – I’ve already got a pile of 10 books read that need reviewing, and I’ve been devouring books lately (I called it drowning my sorrows in reading!) so want to get on top of it.

Yeah, so not so good. And yesterday I received word that I’ve picked up a 35 hour contract to do a job for a database supplier, which has to be complete by June 15. Bubye holidays!

Off to take Master Nine to soccer training shortly, then must get kids to be early as I’m doing a CBCA judge’s talk online tonight! All prepped at least!

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