I don’t know if I can properly express how much I’ve been looking forward to these three weeks off. It’s been a very long term (15 weeks, plus a week over Easter, which should mean I felt like it WASN’T a long term, but, well…) and of course, since January we have: moved interstate; started a new job; kids have started new school & new daycare; had a major scare with Mum; five interstate trips (three to QLD, one to Sydney for the Aurealis Awards and one to Adelaide for the CBCA judging conference); passed first trimester pregnancy; produced two new books. And probably some other stuff.

So it’s been kinda busy. It’s felt a lot like I’ve been running the whole time but not getting anywhere (in fact, feeling like I’m going backwards sometimes!). And I’ve been hanging out for this three week break like you wouldn’t believe. I’ve got so much to catch up on, which I will list here, but I also want to spend some time doing day trips around the place – we’ve seen so little of Tasmania since we got here, and I’d like to go to some of the places people talk about as being so lovely!

Anyway, the List!

  • Sort the garage – need to be able to get the car inside, and hopefully find space for some gym gear for husband.
  • Sort the kids clothes – pack up too smalls, find next size up hand-me-downs for Master Two, find the baby clothes!
  • Sort my clothes – find the maternity clothes and see what will fit for the next few months.
  • Clean the house (it’s not too bad, but the bathrooms need a proper clean).
  • Filing and preparation for tax – I won’t have time to do it at the end of July.
  • Mailout Epilogue and do the promo work for that.
  • Launch the 2012 Aurealis Awards entries (that’s a cheat – I don’t have to do much for that!).
  • Visit friends!
  • Write a gazillion book reviews – I’ve already got a pile of 10 books read that need reviewing, and I’ve been devouring books lately (I called it drowning my sorrows in reading!) so want to get on top of it.

And more I’m sure I’ll add to the list!



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