Weekend achievements

I so desperately look forward to weekends at the moment, and never achieve as much as I’d like, but am overall okay with what we did this past two days. Managed to finally clear the mountains of washing and  ironing – everything is AWAY where it belongs, for the first time since early April I think! This also meant I watched the latest Fringe and a few episodes of Lost Girl, which is a bonus.

I got all enthused this morning and cleaned bathrooms, kitchen and floors – yay for new vacuum cleaner! Yesterday I managed a trip to the hairdresser, jooshing up a little for the Aurealis Awards next weekend (my kids got lots of compliments for being so good!), and then we enjoyed a lovely sunshiney afternoon at soccer. Master Nine was a bit off his game (no training in two weeks) but still did pretty well against a stronger team – he had a good crack at least!

Had hoped to get into Myer at some point, but didn’t manage it. Did tick off two book reviews (both of ebooks, woo!) – only four more on the pile of Read books to write! And did some work on a group project that will be unveiled in a few weeks. In all, I think I’ll call it a win for the weekend.

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