I’ve been really rubbish at keeping up with everything – I’ve been shocking at answering perfectly simple emails, hopeless at getting house clean, terrible at doing important jobs, and though I haven’t missed any deadlines yet, I’m just not motivated to get AHEAD either! There are some good reasons probably, and hopefully it will be clearer soon, but a good part of it is that working full time has really impacted on my available time (duh), and I’m just not coping very well. Add to that I REALLY miss having a cleaner (she only came once a fortnight, but that makes a HUGE difference in what you have to keep up with the rest of the time!), and, well, there you have it. Not only do I have less time to play with, there’s more things I have to get done with it – I don’t see housework as an optional extra. I hate having a house that looks dirty, and I don’t like not wanting to have friends drop in because it’s such a mess.

I did overcome one small barrier to my quest to make housekeeping a tad easier – yesterday I called in at Godfreys and walked out 10 minutes later with a new vacuum cleaner (with free steam mop and free foot spa – win!). My last vacuum bit the dust, rather literally, after husband thought it might be a good idea to vacuum out the ashes of the fireplace with it. Erm, no. We have a Vax, but while it does a good job for carpet washing, for some reason it’s terrible at vacuuming. So I needed a new one, and got one. Vacuumed this morning – was fairly painless. So hopefully the floors will be a little easier to look after now – although with kids, what’s clean one minute is covered in sand, dirt, or *stuff* within five, but anyway… 🙂

Also yesterday, was lucky enough to have a friend babysit Max so I could watch The Avengers with her husband and a bunch of kids (not all of which belonged to either of us!). I really enjoyed it, and we laughed a lot (in a good way). We then spent the evening at their place, being plied with home made pizza and good conversation.

Things to do today:

  • Conquer the washing
  • Conquer the folding, ironing and putting away.
  • Finalise Epilogue and get it to the printer.
  • Proofreading job for Twelfth Planet Press (sorry Alisa!).
  • Answer some important, neglected emails.
  • Watch new Fringe and Once Upon a Time (to be achieved while folding etc).

It’s already 12.30. Best I get a move on!

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