Catch up time

It’s been ages since I’ve properly posted, and there are good reasons for that. Some I will share and some I won’t (yet) and none in this post! This is my list of things I must achieve over the coming nine days of Easter break! In not necessarily any particular order:

  • mail out To Spin a Darker Stair pre-orders (and other assorted book release jobs!).
  • final edits and layout for Epilogue – if possible, get to printer.
  • proofing for TPP (I think).
  • finish new version of TPP/FC catalogue.
  • finalise issue of ic3 and get to printer.
  • get car serviced (booked in for Wednesday).
  • visit Tansy!
  • unpack some boxes.
  • play with kids.
  • arrange playdates.
  • write CBCA reports and notes for talks.
  • pack up non-Notable CBCA books for giving away.
  • keep house clean and washing up to date.
  • update this blog!
  • write reviews.

I’m sure there’s more, but that’s all I can think of now! Today was rest day – tomorrow I must get to it!

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  1. Briony

    Hope everyone is well Tehani and you have an awesome easter break. lots of Love, Sinclair Family.

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