Another week!

Life flies by. Sometimes all too quickly, as when you find out that friends are about to leave us far too soon (we’ll miss you Paul). But it marches on, regardless.

In dot points:

  • starting to feel like I have a handle on things at work – have been madly deleting VHS tapes and vertical files from the catalogue this week, and disposing of them by various means. This has led to emptying many shelves, which is a good start. Lots more to go, but nice to see the effect.
  • Sneak peek at the cover art (by Kathleen Jennings) for To Spin a Darker Stair.

    just waiting on final cover design for To Spin a Darker Stair before it goes off to the printer – very exciting time! Pre-order special deals are still available and come with a bonus opportunity to win a copy of Margo Lanagan’s new novel, Sea Hearts – Margo is another luminary of the fairytale retelling genre and while Sea Hearts plays with myth rather than fairytale, it’s simply excellent, so you’ll want to read it!

  • plans are slowing gathering for future weekend events – today we have our first playdate with new friends from school. Next weekend we’re hopefully heading to Hobart to visit Tansy & co. Not long after that we have family visiting for two weeks, during which I will be skiving off to Adelaide for the CBCA judging conference (eep!).
  • this weekend will also include putting together the first issue for 2012 of ic3 (the WA School Library Association Journal) and editing some more stories for Epilogue, which really needs to get to the printer in the next month as well, in order to make its release deadline of the June long weekend.
  • to help balance the shit news on the “friends with cancer” front, my mum had her final chemo yesterday to complete the five months of treatment she’s been having. Another week or so of followup management, then some tests which will, hopefully, be very positive. She has stayed very well throughout this time, other than a couple of little niggles that have been quickly dealt with, so we’re very hopeful that she’s going to be given the all clear. She’s planning to let her hair grow back however it comes, and she’s learned, by living in a one bedroom apartment or a hospital room. that there’s an awful lot you don’t need to have! Decluttering ahoy? 🙂
  • other achievements this past week include finishing the Aurealis Awards reading (I stepped in to a panel at the last minute as a judge had to drop out for personal reasons), knocking over all but half a dozen of my remaining CBCA reading, and being very close to the end of WA Premier’s reading. It’s been fascinating to see which books have not been entered in various awards by comparison, and it’s very interesting seeing what a number of different judges think of various titles. I’m feeling VERY well read in the Australian YA and Children’s field this year!

And now I’m off to unpack some more boxes – managed to empty one this morning already, and unearth a lost library book from Rockingham, so that’s already a win!

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