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It’s Awards season again

The Tin Ducks (WA) and Chronos Awards (Vic) are both open for nominations. FableCroft has a few eligible works from 2011.

The Chronos short story ones are on the wonderful list over here (and instructions on how to nominate are here). My name appears there with Alex for our Vorkosigan reviews as well, which is nice 🙂

The Tin Ducks are a little trickier but here they are in screen shot.

Please particularly note that the Natcon Fifty committee put out a fantastic souvenir book for the convention last year, which is eligible for Best Unpaid or Fan Production.

I’d also like to recommend the Nightsiders collection by Western Australian author Sue Isle (Twelfth Planet Press) – not sure whether it’s eligible for Professional Long Written (it’s four interconnected short stories) or Professional Production. WA fan Terri Sellen put together a very cool book trailer for the book as well, which is eligible for Fan Production! And of course, Twelfth Planet Press has been doing great things in 2011.

And finally, I’ve been assisting with the maintenance of the ASIF website for some months now, of which Alisa Krasnostein is managing editor, which is once more eligible for Best Unpaid or Fan Production.

There are many other great Western Australian works out there from 2011, including podcasts such as Galactic Suburbia, Live and Sassy and Panel2Panel, some excellent novels, collections and short stories. Please seek them out and nominate those you think deserving! Oh, and if anyone has links to photos of the Art Show from Swancon last year, I’d love to link it here so we can be reminded of what and who might be eligible in both Fan and Professional art!



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New Who in conversation: The Runaway Bride (S02 Christmas Special)

Original fan art by Kathleen Jennings. Thanks Kathleen! Check out Kathleen's awesome artwork at her blog, particularly her regular Dalek Game pieces! And you might like to know that Kathleen is eligible for Best Fan Artist, if you're nominating for the Hugos… 🙂

David is coming to New Who for the first time, having loved Classic Who as a kid. Tehani is a recent convert, and ploughed through Seasons 1 to 6 (so far) in just a few weeks after becoming addicted thanks to Matt Smith – she’s rewatching to keep up with David! Tansy is the expert in the team, with a history in Doctor Who fandom that goes WAY back, and a passion for Doctor Who that inspires us all. We’re going to work our way through New Who, using season openers and closers, and Hugo shortlisted episodes, as our blogging points. Just for fun! 

“The Runaway Bride” – Season two Christmas Special

The Doctor – David Tennant

Donna Noble – Catherine Tate

This Christmas Special was probably one of the most divisive Doctor Who stories in its time, because it all came down to whether you loved or hated Donna (Catherine Tate). I liked Donna at the time, but came to love her more and more in retrospect, and so I find that I like this story more every time I watch it. Having said that, I’m not in it for the plot!

I love Donna! She was a bit bumpy in this, her first appearance, but she is so awesome!!

I liked Donna as a character, but in terms of the writing there were a lot of lazy stereotypes about women and about brides in this, and a bit too much fun at her expense, rather than fun with her. She was a great contrast to Rose, though.

I agree about the lazy stereotypes – and by the end of the RTD era I was so over WEDDINGS, I can tell you! But ultimately I think Catherine Tate rescued the character from sliding too far into generic chick lit cliche.

After the sweetness of Ten/Rose in Season 2, it feels like such a relief to have a companion yelling at the Doctor and smacking him around! The whole panic-chase sequence in the first act of the story with the two of them bouncing off each other, arguing and hailing taxis was great fun…

The car/TARDIS chase was loads of fun, but the melancholy of bringing Rose into it was a nice touch. While Rose wasn’t and won’t ever be my favourite companion, it’s good to see she’s not just immediately dropped from memory. And the little flashback scene at the reception to me highlighted the fact that the Doctor actually does have some sort of real feelings for Rose. Which is interesting. Continue reading


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Week 3 in Tasmania

When I start managing to update more than once a week, the titles of these posts might become more interesting! Another busy week at work, but starting to feel like I’ve got a handle on how things work. The kids are just gorgeous so far – am sharing a tutor group with another teacher, and they are all delightful (includes one of the school captains and a prefect who is a colleague’s son, so even better! It’s also a tiny group, which will make getting to know them easier). The staff continue to be almost entirely lovely and helpful, which is also very nice. Am enjoying it a lot, and looking forward to getting into it more as things settle down.

The big kids started school this week! They were fairly nervous I think, but hubby and I took them on the first day and they have enjoyed it very much so far. Master Nine already has some buddies, and has sussed out the library and the four square court. He was also pretty chuffed because they had swimming trials on Thursday and he won all his heats! Miss Six took a little longer to settle but is now talking about new friends by name. They look gorgeous in their uniforms and I’m really pleased with how they are settling in.

Again, very little achieved outside work during the week. Have read a couple of books (although not, ahem, the ones I’m supposed to be reading!) and watched a bit of Fringe, but that’s it! Really need to get some other things done. Have a weekend at home this weekend, and have already finished the tidying up, so no excuses. Best get going!

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The week that was

Well, that was a week! First week at new (full-time) job – lots and lots of meetings, information overload, but offset by a very nice school and very pleasant staff. Looking forward to meeting the kids in the week ahead! My kids have been at vacation care (big two) and new daycare (littlest) and coping pretty well – better than I’d anticipated actually, which is great. The big ones had a day at the pool yesterday which went down well (with good weather too!).

Work was almost entirely all I did this week – came home shattered each night and achieved very little else during the week (except for a quick jaunt to Hobart for a fun book launch!). It’s taken me all morning to clean the house, and the washing is STILL mountainous, but feeling a bit more human now. Really need to unpack a box or two! You know you’ve been busy when a week of update takes two paragraphs because nothing much was achieved outside of work!

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I went to a book launch!

I did lots of other things in the past week that I’ve not updated (next post, promise!) but the most fun thing I did was drive down to Hobart with the family to attend the launch for two awesome new books (I’m a third of the way through the first, and it’s awesome so far. You might think I’m making a big call on saying they are both awesome, but really, it’s Tansy and Margo – awesomeness is guaranteed!). FINALLY the third book in Tansy Rayner Roberts’ Creature Court trilogy, Reign of Beasts, is in the wild, accompanied by the ever amazing Margo Lanagan’s newest novel (which I’ve been waiting for since FOREVER), Sea Hearts. A fair swag of the ROR writing group were there to send the babies off on their journey, and it was a lovely crowd of people.

The Hobart Bookshop is a delightful venue (so many books!) and the proprietors are very friendly. I caught up with a number of people I already know and was glad to see in their home state, and met some more people, including author Lian Tanner, who is very nice, and Tansy’s mum, who is also very nice! I took photos – most of them are here 🙂

Richard Harland, Rowena Cory Daniells, Tansy Rayner Roberts and Margo Lanagan

It was also a most pleasant drive down to Hobart – my first visit, and I really enjoyed spotting the silhouette sculptures on the hills, and spying gorgeous big old houses. Look forward to exploring Hobart some more in the near future!

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