I made a new book!

I’ve just announced the special pre-order price for FableCroft’s new book, To Spin a Darker Stair, featuring work by the amazing Catherynne M Valente, Brisbane writer Faith Mudge, and the ever awesome Kathleen Jennings.

To Spin a Darker Stair was rather a surprise addition to FableCroft’s 2012 lineup, springing as it did, unexpected, from the slushpile of a completely different project! It’s a beautiful little book though, and I’m proud to be able to share it with everyone (at Easter).

The pre-order prices include discounts on the RRP and reduced/free shipping all over the world. It’s good to get in early!


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3 responses to “I made a new book!

  1. Forever supportive of Brisbane writers!

  2. I decided to add a bit more carrot to the pre-order offer – buy before March 15 and go in the draw to win a copy of Margo Lanagan’s new novel “Sea Hearts”!

  3. Congratulations on the book! Looking forward to reading it (sometime this year at this rate…)

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