Weekly is the new daily

It seems that while other content might go up here during the week, an actual life content post is a weekly event these days! Ah well, at least I’m still posting I guess 🙂

A bit of an odd week – we had the school swimming carnival on Tuesday, which I enjoyed working at (in the computer area with nice people – it’s my favourite job because of the problem solving!). Only had the half day there though, because the second half of the day was at school where I facilitated a PD on WordPress for other staff. Apparently I’m the “expert” – who SAID blogging was a waste of time! Quite enjoyed it, and a good PD is one where you learn something, which I did.

Had an unexpected time bonus on Friday, as Miss Six came home from school sick – this got me ahead on my weekend cleaning plans, which was a nice surprise. She didn’t seem all that unwell to me, but school was convinced she was, so didn’t have much choice but to collect her. To be fair, she actually had quite a high temperature, so perhaps was somewhat genuine. However, she was bouncing by the evening, as children are wont to do (I was nasty though – made her have a big sleep when we got home at lunchtime, then wouldn’t allow her to do anything fun – she was sick, there’s no rewards for that!).

Miss Six and MauMau Flinthart, in the gorgeous long Tasmanian evening light.

Yesterday we headed out to Scottsdale for a very pleasant (quite warm!) day with the Flinthart clan, which culminated in a return to Launceston for Symphony under the Stars, a free outdoor concert by the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, which was just marvellous. Over 8,000 people attended! The kids were really good, and enjoyed the music (and the Flinthart provided food) very much. We had to leave before the end, as Master Two had reached his limit, but we had a wonderful time.

Today is about knocking over some reading for CBCA (home stretch!) and Aurealis Awards, lots of folding and ironing, and hopefully unpacking a few boxes. REALLY need to unearth the stuff for the bathroom cupboards – don’t want to have to purchase more of what I know we have!

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