It’s Awards season again

The Tin Ducks (WA) and Chronos Awards (Vic) are both open for nominations. FableCroft has a few eligible works from 2011.

The Chronos short story ones are on the wonderful list over here (and instructions on how to nominate are here). My name appears there with Alex for our Vorkosigan reviews as well, which is nice 🙂

The Tin Ducks are a little trickier but here they are in screen shot.

Please particularly note that the Natcon Fifty committee put out a fantastic souvenir book for the convention last year, which is eligible for Best Unpaid or Fan Production.

I’d also like to recommend the Nightsiders collection by Western Australian author Sue Isle (Twelfth Planet Press) – not sure whether it’s eligible for Professional Long Written (it’s four interconnected short stories) or Professional Production. WA fan Terri Sellen put together a very cool book trailer for the book as well, which is eligible for Fan Production! And of course, Twelfth Planet Press has been doing great things in 2011.

And finally, I’ve been assisting with the maintenance of the ASIF website for some months now, of which Alisa Krasnostein is managing editor, which is once more eligible for Best Unpaid or Fan Production.

There are many other great Western Australian works out there from 2011, including podcasts such as Galactic Suburbia, Live and Sassy and Panel2Panel, some excellent novels, collections and short stories. Please seek them out and nominate those you think deserving! Oh, and if anyone has links to photos of the Art Show from Swancon last year, I’d love to link it here so we can be reminded of what and who might be eligible in both Fan and Professional art!



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