Week 3 in Tasmania

When I start managing to update more than once a week, the titles of these posts might become more interesting! Another busy week at work, but starting to feel like I’ve got a handle on how things work. The kids are just gorgeous so far – am sharing a tutor group with another teacher, and they are all delightful (includes one of the school captains and a prefect who is a colleague’s son, so even better! It’s also a tiny group, which will make getting to know them easier). The staff continue to be almost entirely lovely and helpful, which is also very nice. Am enjoying it a lot, and looking forward to getting into it more as things settle down.

The big kids started school this week! They were fairly nervous I think, but hubby and I took them on the first day and they have enjoyed it very much so far. Master Nine already has some buddies, and has sussed out the library and the four square court. He was also pretty chuffed because they had swimming trials on Thursday and he won all his heats! Miss Six took a little longer to settle but is now talking about new friends by name. They look gorgeous in their uniforms and I’m really pleased with how they are settling in.

Again, very little achieved outside work during the week. Have read a couple of books (although not, ahem, the ones I’m supposed to be reading!) and watched a bit of Fringe, but that’s it! Really need to get some other things done. Have a weekend at home this weekend, and have already finished the tidying up, so no excuses. Best get going!

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