The week that was

Well, that was a week! First week at new (full-time) job – lots and lots of meetings, information overload, but offset by a very nice school and very pleasant staff. Looking forward to meeting the kids in the week ahead! My kids have been at vacation care (big two) and new daycare (littlest) and coping pretty well – better than I’d anticipated actually, which is great. The big ones had a day at the pool yesterday which went down well (with good weather too!).

Work was almost entirely all I did this week – came home shattered each night and achieved very little else during the week (except for a quick jaunt to Hobart for a fun book launch!). It’s taken me all morning to clean the house, and the washing is STILL mountainous, but feeling a bit more human now. Really need to unpack a box or two! You know you’ve been busy when a week of update takes two paragraphs because nothing much was achieved outside of work!

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