I went to a book launch!

I did lots of other things in the past week that I’ve not updated (next post, promise!) but the most fun thing I did was drive down to Hobart with the family to attend the launch for two awesome new books (I’m a third of the way through the first, and it’s awesome so far. You might think I’m making a big call on saying they are both awesome, but really, it’s Tansy and Margo – awesomeness is guaranteed!). FINALLY the third book in Tansy Rayner Roberts’ Creature Court trilogy, Reign of Beasts, is in the wild, accompanied by the ever amazing Margo Lanagan’s newest novel (which I’ve been waiting for since FOREVER), Sea Hearts. A fair swag of the ROR writing group were there to send the babies off on their journey, and it was a lovely crowd of people.

The Hobart Bookshop is a delightful venue (so many books!) and the proprietors are very friendly. I caught up with a number of people I already know and was glad to see in their home state, and met some more people, including author Lian Tanner, who is very nice, and Tansy’s mum, who is also very nice! I took photos – most of them are here 🙂

Richard Harland, Rowena Cory Daniells, Tansy Rayner Roberts and Margo Lanagan

It was also a most pleasant drive down to Hobart – my first visit, and I really enjoyed spotting the silhouette sculptures on the hills, and spying gorgeous big old houses. Look forward to exploring Hobart some more in the near future!

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  1. Sounds like a blast, I’d love to go to a good book launch one day.

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