We are now Tasmanians!

Wow, it’s been a busy week and a half! We are now TASMANIANS! We arrived here on Saturday afternoon, after a surprisingly pleasant Jetstar experience from Brisbane. Husband was waiting, much to the delight of the children, and we came to our new house, which is in a very convenient location! But more about that in a minute – before I forget, I’d best recap the last of our Brisbane adventures!

Wednesday we had booked the kids into the Lego Education Centre for a session then more for Thursday. Walked them down to that (was in the streets behind South Bank) and wandered back through South Bank when they had finished. Don’t think we did much else Wednesday, but Thursday was the same again for Lego – they had three sessions in a row, so I had a few hours with Mum while they were there. We actually managed to get Dad to go to the movies too! We were walking past the South Bank theatre to drop the kids off and a session of War Horse was about to start – I think it was the $6.50 ticket price that sold him! He didn’t love it, but at least he went, which we were all pleased about. My aunt and uncle and their son arrived late morning, so I took my cousin (who is 11) with me to pick the kids up, and we met Dad on his way back from his movie, so had a nice walk through South Bank again. Spent the rest of the day with the rellies which was nice.

Friday! Mum and Dad had given us tickets to Mary Poppins for Christmas so this was the day. We dressed up for the occasion – was the first show the kids had been to so wanted to make it special. It was pretty good, but not sure my kids were quite into it – Miss Six liked it I think πŸ™‚ Master Nine? Not so much into the singing and dancing πŸ™‚ For me, I thought the sets stole the show! The child actors were pretty darn good too! After the show we went on the Wheel of Brisbane which the kids really enjoyed. I finally got in a game of Scrabble with Mum in the evening (and beat her!) which was also fun πŸ™‚

Saturday we finished packing ourselves up and spent a couple of hours with Mum before Dad drove us out to the airport. Was a bit nervous about travelling Jetstar, but other than the smallest leg space I’ve come across, it went pretty well. Master One-day-off-One slept on me Β pretty much the whole flight, which made things a bit tricky, but I managed to watch a bit of Doctor Who and Torchwood on the iPad during the flight. Big kids were good. And then we were in Tasmania! At last! Seems like it’s been a long time coming πŸ™‚ We dropped in to the VERY nearby Coles store to stock up the fresh stuff – can’t believe how close and convenient everything is to the house – very pleased with my choice of rental πŸ™‚ Husband had, thankfully, set up beds sort of, which meant we had somewhere to sleep at least! Started unpacking a few kitchen boxes, knowing that we were expecting visitors on Sunday.

Finished the kitchen Sunday morning, and Mr Flinthart and Mau-Mau arrived around lunchtime (with a gingerbread house for a housewarming present!), followed not long after by Helen, Stewart and Julia. Master One turned into Master Two! Had trouble finding presents, so luckily Helen brought a very good one! We had a wonderful afternoon (what a great way to warm the house, with old friends!) and Helen etc stayed with us for the night, which was great (although Helen and I stayed up far too late drinking wine). They headed off after lunch on Monday, but not far. Husband took the car to work so we didn’t do too much otherwise.

Tuesday we took husband to his work, via our little house in Rossarden – hmmm, very glad we didn’t end up living there πŸ™‚ VERY windy hilly road! Back from there, we drove out to Lilydale to meet with Helen and co again, joined once more by the Flinthart & child – the six year old girls hit it off quite well πŸ™‚ Pleasant BBQ lunch at their camping venue, before went back to town and sussed out some furniture.

Wednesday we walked up to the nearby shops and bought two bags of winterish clothes from the Salvos, visited the local bank & PO and checked out the local shops. Later we went out to my work to pick up a box of books I’d had sent there, and then bought a desk at one shop, a microwave at another, and the rest of our living room furniture at a third! Productive afternoon.

Master Two at Rossarden

Thursday was Australia Day – husband took the day off (mostly) and we went for a drive to the East Coast to visit St Marys, St Helens and the like. We ended up having to come back through Rossarden as the vehicle husband was organising came through. Didn’t end up picking it up (although we did uncover some linen I’d sent over months ago with the husband!) because it had no petrol, (heh, and then husband and his mate managed to miscommunicate and get the wrong fuel for it, long after we’d left him behind!) but eventually husband got home, where I’d managed to clean the living areas in preparation for the arrival of the new furniture.

We spent yesterday frantically trying to finish off all the jobs we needed to do before I start work next week. Got ourselves daycare, vacation care, post box address, sorted the business mail redirections, Medicare stuff, found the place to do vehicle ownership transfer and all that sort of thing. And our furniture came! Very purty and looks great. So nice to have things to sit on again!

After an early night, we got up this morning and took husband once more to work (this time he DID get the ute, so we won’t have to worry about that anymore hopefully!) then came back in, through to Lilydale to pick blueberries with the Flinthart. We all enjoyed that, even if M9 got a bit funny because he was worried about jumping jack ants! M2 was pretty good up until the point he soiled himself and started being a ratbag πŸ™‚ We ended up with 12 kg of blueberries – that’s a LOT of berries! Yummy though, and $6.00 per kilo. You can be jealous now πŸ™‚

And that’s us up to date! In summary, we like Tasmania so far. Really must go unpack something now πŸ™‚


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  1. You certainly have an adventurous life!! Which school are you working at?

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