Still continuing Brisbane adventures

Sunday: spent a couple of hours visiting Trish, because I was missing a book for my latest box of judging books, and naturally she had a copy. Trish made a lovely morning tea (SPECTACULAR scones!) and we nattered away about books (mostly) for the time, while the big kids entertained themselves (mostly) and M1 nearly gave us heart attacks with his assaults on the many staircases.

Returned back to apartment to let M1 have his desperately needed nap time, to find Dad and Boo making lunch, so I dropped the kids and went over to spend some time with Mum – haven’t had a lot of time just on my own with her, so was nice. Simone & Ross and the kids came from Toowoomba for another visit this afternoon so brought the boys back to the apartment with me. It was my turn to make dinner; the pumpkin soup was not terribly pumpkin-soupish (although still yummy) but the cauliflower cheese turned out well. Ended up fitting in some editing and reading and sent off the latest CBCA report as well, so a good day!

Monday: was unexpectedly even better than planned, turning out as a bit of a pamper day combined with some interesting conversations! I had arranged to have my hair done in the city, followed later in the afternoon by my first blood donation (I was feeling really guilty about the fact I’ve not given blood before, but today realised that I could not have given it many of the past 10 years due to pregnancies etc – plan to rectify my slackness in this department from now on though). Simone took all the big kids to see the Muppets this morning, and M1 eventually fell asleep for us at the hospital, which is when I snuck away, leaving him (and later the big kids) with Dad and my aunt (who was up from Sydney for the day).

Bussed it over to the city (chatted to a lovely helpful lady at the bus stop, then sat beside a very chatty elderly lady who was quite the theatre aficionado!), had lunch and jagged a quick appointment to get my eyebrows done before my hair. Hair appointment then took MUCH less time than I’d anticipated, so I had over two hours to kill, with no children! Had to buy a couple of pressies from Mum and Dad (Mum isn’t out of hospital to be able to do it) for M1’s birthday this weekend, so did that first, then stopped at the first mani/pedi place I came across for spa pedi and shellac manicure – very nice! STILL had time after that, so made my way to Pulp Fiction bookshop for a long browse (handily right opposite the Blood Bank!) before heading over to BB early. No problems with donation, look forward to continuing doing my bit!

I then wandered back mall-wise, stopping in at the lovely big Dymocks on my way to meet Kathleen and Aimee for a quick cuppa and more creative chats – I’ve really enjoyed meeting up with everyone I have while in Brisbane. Quite the little hotbed of creativity (as well as being very nice people!), which has staved off a bit of my missing everyone we’ve left behind in WA.

Needed an early night after all that, which was good, because we had a big day today. I’d promised the kids a theme park while we were so close, and today was the last day we could do it, so despite the wet weather, we packed up and drove down to Sea World. Was interesting to be back in my old Gold Coast stomping ground – lots of changes but some things very much the same. We got VERY wet, spent way too much money, but the kids really enjoyed it. We love the underwater aquarium areas best. Big kids were super brave and very keen to go on roller coaster-ish rides, even the VERY fast Jet Rescue and steep and apparently scream-worthy Viking’s Revenge Flume ride! Lined up for a fair while for each, but at least Master One was entertained by the other roller coaster overhead and the monorail at intervals. He didn’t get to do much except look, mostly, but had a lot of fun on the little sea/air planes and enjoyed the Dora the Explorer live show 🙂 In all, we enjoyed it, but I’m glad we don’t have to go all the time – too hard, too expensive!

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