Continuing adventures in Brisbane

Yesterday was very pleasant. Lizzie hung out with Mum, while I took Miss Six and Master One for a big wander through South Bank. We stopped first at The Crepe Cafe, which had lovely service and good prices (food was okay, but nothing special) for brunch, then continued on our way, just meandering and enjoying the walk and chat. We stopped at the chalk tunnel in the pedestrian walkway under QPAC, which M1 enjoyed very much. Next stop was the State Library of Queensland – we had thought to do the free craft there but it was fairly busy, so we went instead up to the Picture Book exhibition, which was lovely, particularly in light of my current judging gig!

 We popped in at the free movie screening in the viewing room, but M1 only lasted about 10 minutes so we moved on to the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA). We’d already visited the week before, when Amanda Palmer did her ninja gig there, but I hadn’t actually seen the wonderful Yayoi Kusama Obliteration Room, and M6 wanted to check out the Magic Land exhibit again. All very lovely – amazing how very cool randomly applied coloured stickers can look!

We then made our way back through South Bank (with a brief stop at the icecream van – astonishingly, M1 fell asleep waiting at the truck!) and back to Mum’s hospital room – didn’t last long though, as the catnap for M1 had been nowhere near long enough so we headed to the apartment so he could have a big nap. I ended up giving Lizzie a computer lesson among other catchup computer things, and we were spoilt by Lizzie cooking dinner for us all. The fishermen came home about 8.30 – Master Nine was absolutely stuffed but still glowing with excitement from his great day. He’s an absolutely mad fishing fiend, and the charter boat team were very impressed by him. First line in, last line out! He forgot to reapply his sunscreen though 😦

Today was a much quieter day all round – caught up with Michelle Gaze at last, for a good chat this morning, as well as Bradfords who came down just to visit, which was lovely. Spent a fair bit of time with Mum at the hospital (final day of chemo for this cycle, but more drugs to follow tomorrow!) which was also nice, as I feel like I’ve not seen much of her this past week. Dad cooked us another lovely cottage pie for dinner, and we have Lizzie & Boo here for dinner and drinks – they won’t last long though as Lizzie has a Scrabble tournament tomorrow! We’ll head out to Trish’s in the morning, as I’m missing a book from my latest CBCA batch (as well as to enjoy the company!) and I imagine it will be another quiet afternoon tomorrow.

One week to go before Tassie! We’re on the countdown!

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