Yet more Brisbane adventures (and Poona)

So Sunday was a lot of fun – annoyed the ever delightful Trent Jamieson at his place of work (Avid Reader Bookshop), and met Trish. We gabbed our way around the bookstore, looking at all the books we both already had and a couple that we wanted to read, then wandered down to 3 Monkeys for a very nice lunch, and yet more gabbing. We then realised that if my Mum and Dad were willing to continue looking after the kids, we could duck down to the South Bank cinema and catch Sherlock Holmes 2, which they were, so we did (snagging a ride with a Green Cab bikie!) and enjoyed it a lot. It was after 4pm before I got back to the apartment, ready to pack up and head off for Monday’s travels.

We got up and away nice and early, and headed up to Maryborough to check into our motel, then drove out to Poona, where my sister-in-law was staying with her kids (including my new niece!) and her parents. VERY hot and muggy, but the kids enjoyed chasing soldier crabs on the muddy “beach” for a while, then cleaning off under the hose. I enjoyed a quiet night at the motel, with just Master One and Miss Six (Master Nine stayed out there in order to go fishing very early Tuesday), and we slept very well in darkened, nicely airconditioned room! We didn’t make much effort to move early, and stopped by the shops for a few things before going back to Poona. Still darn hot, but the tide was in so while the kids and Bert attempted to fish, we cooled off in the water (which is much nicer than the mud flats would have you believe when the water is in!) and then retreated to the aircon. Managed to visit the neighbours (who know Mum and Dad well) and friends from Miles who are building a house across the road while my boys napped, then we sorted ourselves out again and headed back to Brisbane.

Wednesday was another social day (after a hideous night – was so hot and M1 was up for hours and slept with me mostly, meaning I didn’t really sleep!) – met up with Taroom friends at Chermside Westfield for lunch, kids all got haircuts, and we bought another little fan for the apartment. Then “Brendan” (the sat nav) successfully got us to Lisa’s place (ex-Kolbe friend who has just moved back to QLD) and we enjoyed a lovely afternoon with her and Bec (another ex-Kolbeite!).

Managed to FINALLY get an early night on Wednesday night and woke up to a much cooler day as well – spent it mostly over at the hospital with Mum (it’s her chemo week so she’s confined to quarters 🙂 ) and had more old friends arrive in the afternoon. Boo took Dad and M9 off by 3pm, back north to Hervey Bay, for a fishing charter trip today. It’s the first time since mid-October that Dad has left Brisbane, so we’re very glad he would go and hope they are having fun. We had a fairly quiet day in all, although I finally spent a bit of time sorting out Mum’s email situation for her. And I read two books before bed 🙂

Again not much planned for today – it’s not too hot and nice enough to walk down to the Art Gallery, State Library etc and have a gander at the free kids’ activities going on down there, which I think we’ll do – we may also catch a movie, if feral boy is in a good mood 🙂 Best get a move on then!


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