More Brisbane adventures

Have had a busy and social couple of days. Thursday and Friday we had old friends visiting, spending a lot of time with us, which was great. They have two sons, one 13, one two weeks older than Master Nine, so that made kid-wrangling a touch easier for a few days – the 99cent Monopoly app on the iPad got a good workout 🙂 We stole Mum from the hospital each day (a mixed blessing that she could come out, as it was because the stem cell harvesting didn’t go ahead), and on Friday even managed to hit the shops! Snagged a few bargains (mostly work/Tasmania related clothing items – TS had GREAT sale items!) and enjoyed the shopping:)

That was Friday afternoon, but Friday morning I snuck away (kid-free!) to have a lovely morning tea with the amazingly talented and really very nice Kathleen Jennings. She took me to a beautiful tea room (Room with Roses) for a yummy brunch accompanied by great conversation (and discovery of shared geographical roots).

Saturday I AGAIN snuck out sans kids, this time for a group meet at the Ship Inn with some Brisbane writerly types. Robert Hoge and I whiled away an hour or so gossiping about books & awards and the like, before Nicky Strickland and Damon Cavalchini arrived. The conversation was wide and varied (prompting my musing this morning that you never run out of things to talk about with people who love books – and also sf geeks!) and we were later joined by Aimee Smith and Kathleen as well – so much creativity at one table – enough to explode your brain!

Aimee, Kathleen & I attempted to catch a showing of the new Sherlock movie, but it was completely sold out. We were then thwarted in a number of dinner choices but eventually were (almost entirely) fed at Grill’d. Discussion over dinner about forthcoming FableCroft project kickstarted my work ethic again, and I came home to spend a few hours sorting out printing options and design things – thanks Kathleen & Aimee!

Today I’m off to check out Avid Reader, hopefully catching up with Trent Jamieson in the process, and putting a face to the name of another person I’ve been working with online, Trish B (who featured on the third episode of The Book Nut podcast). Bring on the day!

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