Too busy socialising to post, or pack!

It’s a really stupid idea to try to move house at this time of year. Christmas itself is bad enough in terms of social events and things that need to get done. Add to that a husband who is turning 40 (tomorrow) and an interstate move which involves saying farewell to friends of five different family members (okay, mostly my friends, but still!), well, that’s just crazy.

This past three days we seem to have just flitted from one social engagement to the next. Each day begins with Vac Swim. I LOVE Vac Swim, and am devastated that we won’t be doing anymore – four years of summer (Oct and Dec/Jan) holiday swimming lessons (for $10 for two weeks!) has seen the two biggest kids become quite competent swimmers indeed, and poor Master One won’t get that. Vac Swim is also great because it gives you a daily reason to get out of the house on holidays, and we’d often spend a couple of hours a day swimming with mates after lessons. Loved it! So decided to do one last week of it, even though I knew it would be crazy cakes round here. We snagged the early lesson, so really it doesn’t impact on our day other than to mean we are up and facing the day at a respectable hour, rather than a lazy one! So it’s good. WA folk with school aged kids, MAKE THE MOST OF VAC SWIM, IT’S AWESOME! (at a pool near you these holidays!).

Following swimming on Monday, I was lucky enough to be kid-free, as a friend took both big kids home for a day-long play date (Master One was at his final day of daycare). I squished in a bunch of jobs (including being here while the house got de-spidered) before heading out to lunch with Jody (was delightful on lots of levels – gonna miss her!). A few little jobs done on the way home from that, another hour or so at home alone which involved lots of secret present wrapping, then off to pick up all the kids to go to the Bellini residence for a long overdue dinner with them – one thing that I really hate about moving is that you do all these things you really should have done YEARS before, and then think how stupid it was that you hadn’t done them sooner. This was one such thing 😦 Had a great night with them, and they are two more awesome people I will miss.

Tuesday saw us with a friend from the WASLA committee and her kids come visit from Perth, along with Lee from work for part of it – another long overdue social meeting for Brenda and I! In the late afternoon following that we dashed out to toast the lovely new house that Jody has built and to say a final goodbye. *sniff*

And today has been fantastic, with about 24 kids from a bucketload of families from the kids’ school over for a long, fun day of play and chat. Almost without exception the kids were great, and the mother company definitely was! A little sunburnt now, despite liberal application of sunscreen, but really enjoyed the chance to say goodbye to them all.

And I’m feeling rather impressed with myself as on top of all that, the house is clean (thanks Sam for doing many of the dishes today before I got to them!), the washing is done and the back yard/patio are cleaned up ready for the gardeners tomorrow! Amazing! While the social whirl slows fairly dramatically for the next couple of days, it’s not non-existent but I shall report on that after the event, in order to keep secrets secret 🙂

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