Less than two weeks to go!

We’re on the final countdown. School is out (the kids finished on Wednesday, me on Friday with the staff Christmas party day). The container is here, ready to pack (it’s bigger than I thought – thank goodness!). The house is tenanted, with a 12 month lease, I think, starting January 10. Yay! Things are moving along. Eep!

The week just gone has been crazy cakes – just seemed to lurch from one thing to another, with barely a moment to catch breath and get organised for the next onslaught. Monday and Wednesday were my last official work days, so spent a lot of time trying to figure out what else I could do to make the transition easier for my staff next year, and finishing off bits and pieces of jobs. Was spoiled rotten by my Kris Kringle giver (who turned out to be Lee, my wonderful library assistant, with help from Cheryl, my other wonderful (and apparently crazy, according to all the speeches yesterday!) library assistant), and I had fun spoiling my recipient too (Lynda Mc, who works so hard on behalf of everyone in the school). KK at Kolbe is a week long affair, and is a lot of fun. Just one more thing I’ll miss!

Tuesday we went to a lunch that Jo organised, with a group of mums from the kids’ school who I’ve become friends with over the past couple of years. Despite the general grumpiness of the small children present (is that catching? They are usually all so good but were that day not, Master One particularly!), we had a really nice time – was good to catch up with them because I really haven’t had much of a chance this past few months.

Was supposed to go to a WASLA meeting that afternoon, but simply could not manage to fit the 2-3 hour meeting plus 2 hours travelling into the schedule, so reluctantly apologised. Had to get things ready for the home inspection the next morning, which I did, and we had a good response and on Friday, accepted the application of two lovely sounding tenants. Tick one off the list!

Wednesday afternoon I picked Miss Six up for a birthday party (another chance to enjoy company of friends, particularly as I left the boys at daycare so didn’t have to be harassed by them!). Thursday we picked husband up from the airport around lunchtime (I’ve never been so glad I checked online about his flight status – was delayed almost two hours, which I used very productively at home but would have been WILD if I’d had to waste them at the airport, with three children in tow!), and we stopped in at Sizzler for lunch on the way home.

He left again for work at 4am Friday (yup, about 16 hours at home in three weeks – this is why we’re moving to Tassie!) and we were out the door by 7.15, so I could get to work with just a little time to spare before practise for carols. I really enjoy the staff Christmas day at Kolbe, and will miss it. For four years, it’s been a highlight (if a bit sad sometimes) – I love being in the staff choir, performing carols and songs during Mass, which, though I’m not Catholic, I always enjoy for the sense of peacefulness and community that arises from it. This year, I received a candle and blessing as part of the staff farewells (a Kolbe tradition which is really lovely) – Lee managed to get through the beautiful blessing she and Cheryl had arranged for me, without too many tears!

Following Mass, we had the last of the staff farewells (quite a lot of people leaving this year, which meant farewells were done over several days). This included mine, in which Jody said many lovely things about me, and also managed without too many tears (darn you people, when YOU cry it makes ME cry!). I’m really going to miss Kolbe in so many ways, in particular for the friends I have made there. *sniff*

Me with Jody (one of the most awesome women I know)

Then it was the discovery of who everyone’s KK people were, and we were off to Meadow Springs golf club for a wonderful lunch, a few drinks and last conversations. I won a prize in the raffle, ate way too much, took loads of photos, and received and gave lots of goodbye hugs. *double sniff* It was a long and fairly emotional day, even though I’ll probably see some people again before we leave, and more next year on one of the trips I have already got planned! Still, it’s sad.

Anyway, today we’re off to Meadow Springs again, for a family Christmas BBQ at my cousins. In fact, we’re supposed to already be on our way, but Master One is asleep so I’m letting him have as much as possible. Best get a wriggle on though. At least the busiest week is now over and we can relax a bit. Um, no, wait. We already have three social things booked in for next week, plus, you know, PACKING. Eep!

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  1. Margaret Hogge

    Hi Tehani
    Best wishes for your move to beautiful Tassie.
    Am really glad we were able to spend a little time together earlier this month. It was great to see Jakob, Gwynnie and Max, hope the “appendix-type” pains disappeared. Keep up the skipping, Gwynnie – you’re doing really well.Best wishes for your birthday, Dave. Love to all from Auntie Margaret and all the Sydney gang(Suzy, Aaron, Poppi and Callum plus Doug, Kate, Bailey and Fox.)

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