Cake decorating maestro Terri

I have the most wonderful friends. Spent a lovely afternoon yesterday with Terri, Lyn, Kathryn, Ju, Alisa and Chris, Nick and Amanda, Sarah and John (and kids) at City Park, enjoying beautiful weather, awesome food, great conversation and a couple of drinks, all in honour of me deserting them 🙂 I really enjoyed it and was glad they could all come. Thank you all for being there!

Terri, being her marvellous creative self, made gorgeous cakes, which I present, with awe, below. 

Packing box cake - note the marshmallow packing peanuts!









Awesome Steampunk cupcakes, spelling out how amazed we are when we look at them!











Closeup cupcake




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3 responses to “Cake decorating maestro Terri

  1. OMG how could you destroy those cupcakes by EATING them?? They are artworks and I’m glad you took photos!

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