Another week down – not quite three to go!

I was a bit horrified on Friday to realise that by that time in three weeks, we would be gone. An awful lot still to get done between now and then, but I think I have everything booked and ready to go, in the right order. Had the electrician on Friday to install three new fans and a powerpoint (but will need to get him back as I’m not happy with the finished job on one fan). Tick. Sold old TV and one piece of Miss Six’s furniture yesterday, and the BBQ during the week. Tick. Got Christmas photo done. Tick. Went to my school’s family Christmas party on Friday afternoon (it was the first social thing we did when we came to the area, so this was our fifth one!) followed by the kids’ school Christmas concert (disappointing compared to last year, but at least the weather was nice). Tick.

The kids also got their reports on Friday, and I was particularly delighted to see such an improvement in Master Nine’s, compared to mid-year – he really took on board the discussion we had after that, and made a huge effort to improve. Miss Six got a great report too – smart little cookies my kids!

We had a lovely day with SF-friends as a little farewell for me yesterday (see previous post) which is the second of three farewells I get! I have the best friends, and in many different areas of my life. I’m grateful for them all, and will MISS THEM!!! Mustn’t think too hard about the fact I won’t be within easy driving of them anymore. Must not.

To keep my mind off that, here’s Master One in his Santa hat 🙂





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