A lovely birthday-ish weekend

I’ve had enough of productivity for the day but while I’m waiting for the iPad to sync some episodes of Fringe Season 3 for me to watch in bed, I figured I may as well update!

Friday was a lovely day from beginning to end. Was spoiled rotten at work by my wonderful staff, receiving lovely presents, a fantastic morning tea, and had a very peaceful day (helped in part by the excellent birthday helium balloon they got me, which sang a boppy “Happy Birthday” tune whenever you whacked it – was brilliant because sometimes whacking something was needed, then you got smiley because of the tune!). This was followed by a bit of a stressy afternoon as a minor car accident meant rearranging the evening plans, but it all worked out (and luckily no-one was hurt – poor Cheryl’s new car the only victim) and we ended up at a marvellous Greek restaurant in Fremantle which was both delicious and fun! A MUCH later night than I’m used to these days, but very lovely.

Saturday we were up early (thank you Master One *sigh*) and at the shops by 8am, followed by visitors for the whole day – Lyn came sans kids, but this was more than made up for by one of Miss Six’s friends (whose dad came and went but was happy to sit and chat with all the ladies when he was here!), two of Master Nine’s mates, and four kids with a friend from the kids’ school and HER mum! The weather was perfect for lounging by the pool, which we did with much abandon! Ate delicious food and drank tea and wine at various intervals – just what I needed for the day!

Sunday we had Miss Six’s friend again from 8am til 2pm, so that made her happy. I managed to tidy up nice and early (including a second load of dishes from Saturday and ALL the washing since Thursday, which dried in about half an hour in the hot and windy morning we had!) and then hook into some sorting out of stuff. Packed up more books from the bookcase (have finally bitten the bullet and decided that I need to accept the only reading I’m going to fit in before the move is CBCA related!) and put up the $20 optic fiber Christmas tree I got at Coles yesterday (in lieu of dragging out all the usual Christmas stuff – I just couldn’t face having to pack it all up again the day after Christmas, on top of EVERYTHING ELSE that has to be packed!). I also finished another box of CBCA reading (a week early still – no idea how!) and sent the report off. Caught up on the inbox. Had lots of cups of tea. Felt productive!

The weeks ahead are filling up rapidly – meetings and get togethers and school commitments and appointments to get house ready for renting – busy days ahead, so if I’m a bit quiet round here, that’ll be why 🙂

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