Too long between posts

But so much to do, and blogging just doesn’t seem to be a priority right now. Still, we’ve done some stuff so here’s a quick update.

I finished slushing for Apocalypse Hope (working title) and should be ready to announce the TOC by mid-December. And another project too, that arose very unexpectedly because of a story from the slushpool! More on that as soon as I’ve finalised some details 🙂

Work is pretty hectic. I have seven days of work left (six really, as the final day is the staff Christmas day). Lots to get done, even more to try to have organised to make the transition of leaving a smooth one. Many frustrations and a bit of sadness involved.

Today I got to have the family part of my birthday as husband is back to work tomorrow. So I got pressies (earrings, a bracelet & perfume) and dinner out this evening. We also went for a drive to Enjoy our beautiful views of the setting sun over the water – we’ll miss it! I’m a little afraid of what tomorrow will bring – my staff are wonderful at spoiling people but not in the least known for their restraint!!

What else? Well I’ve booked all the stuff for our move, including the cleaning etc that has to be done to prepare the house for rental. I’ve also booked our flights to Queensland (no floods this time please Mother Nature?) and then to Tassie. We have dates and deadlines, woo!! I’m selling some bits and pieces of furniture (kids beds, BBQ, old TV, Miss Six’s shelves and drawers) so if you’re in WA and interested, let me know!

I’m also having a MASSIVE MOVING SALE at FableCroft, with huge discounts on all books, with the best bargain being ALL THE BOOKS for just $35 inc postage – you’ll not top that 🙂

Hmm, what else? Reading continues for CBCA with many big fat YA books in these last few boxes, making a mockery of my chuffedness at being quite ahead a couple of weeks ago! And we’re in the last few weeks of being open to entries for the Aurealis Awards – don’t forget to enter your eligible works!

I’m sure there’s more but I have not the brain to think of it!


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