Catching up is hard to do

Particularly when you follow up three days away (including two away from work) with a weekend of travelling with family (and no computer!). I’ve only just today caught up on my emails, and am still another night away from continuing my final reading for Apocalypse Hope (working title). Things keep throwing themselves in my way! I’ve also gone from being nearly two weeks ahead of the game in CBCA reading to feeling like I’ve fallen woefully behind with no light at the end of the tunnel because boxes full of big fat YA novels JUST KEEP ARRIVING!!! I don’t *think* I’m in as bad a position as I feel right at this moment in the reading, but it’s not getting any better!

However… I have tonight caught up on my annotations for the judging process. I’ve cleared my inbox of Aurealis related emails. I spent a couple of hours at the shopping centre today which included a bunch of banking, mailing, grocery shopping (I also cleaned out the fridge this morning, so I could see what was actually NEEDED for groceries) and some maintenance for self and the baby (he had a haircut!). I wrestled Paypal and WordPress into submission and finally pulled together a MASSIVE MOVING SALE post for FableCroft (bargain prices on all FableCroft books! I don’t want to move them all to Tassie!). I scheduled a few Asif reviews. I worked through the washing (again) and got a lot folded and put away. And paid some bills. Actually, I’m pretty pleased with everything I got done today!

I didn’t really talk about my trip away on the weekend, but I’ve got loads of photos, so will post separately. It was a lovely trip (we took my aunt and uncle with us and caught up with two other sets of rellies, which was the prime purpose). A little sad, going back to a place I have very fond childhood memories of and finding it so small and somewhat abandoned compared to the town of my youth. But I’m glad we did it, and were able to show the kids where their Grandpop came from.

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