What a week!

Today I accepted the position of Librarian at a lovely private school in Launceston, Tasmania. This is not the position I applied for at the school, but I’m very happy to accept what is a great job in this lovely school! The appointment followed my flying trip to Tassie (departed Tuesday and travelled for what was on paper 12 hours, flew back Thursday, on paper in only 3.5 hours – gotta love time travelling!), which was very pleasant indeed! The staff at the school were delightful and Launceston was lovely. As a bonus, I was picked up from the airport on Tuesday by the Flinthart and progeny, who then took me for a wander through the CBD to find dinner, and on Wednesday I caught up with Monissa for hot chocolate and another wander. Yay for socialising on a work trip!

On return I’ve bitten the bullet and booked the removalist (not the cheapest self-pack but the one I was most comfortable with) and the car transport, as well as our plane tickets to Queensland (departing December 30) and from Brisbane to Launceston (January 21). Moving is expensive. But we are definitely underway! Now just have to pack. Bleargh.

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  1. Sounds lovely, Tehani. I hope you are very happy in Tasmania. It is such a beautiful place. Ahh librarian sounds excellent.

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