A bit exciting really

This afternoon I received a call from the school I had the phone interview with yesterday, inviting me to fly to Launceston (at their expense) for a face-to-face meeting and look around the school. Wowsers! How very grown up, I must say! 🙂 This naturally led to a bit of stress as I had to first get husband to come HOME from Tasmania, which meant first trying to actually get him on the PHONE (no mobile service on site or at home, only on the road, and they’re working such long days) but all sorted (he’s now booked for Sunday), and I’ve booked flights. Means a full day travelling on Tuesday, as flights to Tassie are ridiculously timed, but is much quicker on the way home Thursday, which is good. Sadly means I can’t go to the WASLA dinner on Tuesday night, which I was really looking forward to (my library assistant Lee is the recipient of the WA Library Officer of the Year, and the dinner is partly to celebrate this, and the WA TL of the Year, my friend Brenda Clover) as well as the AISWA Libraries AGM on Wednesday, and probably the last WASLA meeting before THAT AGM (on Thursday). So suddenly my busiest week of the month turns into a travelling week instead! How quickly life changes…

Interestingly, I’m also out of school on Monday as I’m going to the Fremantle Children’s Literature Centre with a lovely group of kids for a full day workshop. My 15 official work days is down to just 12 (the last day is the staff break up/Christmas party). TWELVE DAYS OF WORK LEFT! Eep!

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