The week got away again

It’s been a pretty busy week. Nothing new really, but it’s kind of been up and down, which makes it more noticeable. Mum seems to be coping fairly well with the first week of treatment. I guess a lot of it is settling into the routines, figuring out how things work, and getting to know the staff (which of course, she is). Dad’s reading all the literature they’re given and spending his days at the hospital. I think they’re both going to get bored! But the treatment is underway and that will have its own problems. We wait and see now.

Work has been a bit frustrating but that’s partly this time of year. Trying to get things tip top for when I leave, as well as work as normal during our busiest term – only about 18 work days left! Time flies.

Also frustrating was receiving a quote for moving that was significantly higher than expected. Had planned to book it in and then being able to make firm plans, but now have to start looking at different options again. Bah.

I have an interview for a very good job in Launceston, which is nicely surprising – via Skype on Thursday. No idea what that will entail really, so just going to do my best there!

Have had some nice socialising this past week as well – we surprised Alisa with a congratulatory get-together the day after she returned home from her World Fantasy Awards win. She wasn’t well, but hopefully didn’t mind too much 🙂 Have also had visits from Lyn and the kids, and two families of the kids’ friends, which were also lovely. Nice to be social.

And looking ahead to the speedy approach of the end of the year, next week isn’t too bad (have CBCA AGM to attend), the week following is madness (starting with Master Eight’s birthday on Saturday, then something almost every day that I have to somehow get to!), and still more meetings the week after that. Social and work calendar becoming full!

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