Family update

I spoke to Mum this evening. After two days of chemo, she still sound (and says she feels!) fine. Dad reckons the drugs are making her high 🙂 She says there’s five different drips feeding into her, with a bunch of different stuff. The hospital is lovely, and the nurses wonderful. She has an 80+ year old room mate who she has, naturally, befriended. My friend Michelle (sister of my bridesmaid and longtime family friend) lives and works right near the hospital, so has of her own accord taken Mum & Dad in hand – she’s taking Dad shopping for shoes on Saturday and is looking forward to Scrabbling with Mum. I’m very grateful she’s there. Mum’s mission is to find Michelle (a gorgeous thirty-something lawyer) a nice doctor to play with 🙂

Mum told Master Eight what was going on this evening. I’ve kind of been avoiding it, because my kids are pretty soft and I wasn’t sure how they’d deal. Had a good talk with them both at bedtime then and I’m sure there will be more questions, but hopefully neither gets too upset.

I feel pretty useless, being here, but have started to make plans to spend a couple of weeks there in January, en route to Tassie. Wish I was like my auntie (Mum’s sister), who flew up from Sydney today JUST FOR THE AFTERNOON!!! Brilliant 🙂

In all, sounds like she’s in good spirits so far. I know the effects of the chemo may change that, but I’m glad it hasn’t happened yet.

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