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Preparing a house

I’ve really started to get a roll on towards getting the house ready to rent when we leave in January. Today the plumber came and replaced two sets of taps and fixed another. I bought three ceiling fans, a new fluro light and a closer for the hall cupboard (light and closer both subsequently installed by ME!) – sparky is booked and will come soon to install fans and at least one new powerpoint. On Thursday we had a real estate agent come out to discuss possible pricing – had a different agency come today to see what they think, and then we’ll decide who to go with. I have a skip, to chuck out any rubbish I come across, and as I only have it for a week, it means I have to do some sorting out. Yay for long weekend coming up!

It seems we may have decided exactly where we might like to live (barring me getting a fantastic job in Launceston in the next three weeks or so!) and have been communicating with an agent over there about a house for rent that we quite like. A bit dearer than we’d thought, but also newer, in a nice place with INTERNET!

I have to sit down and weigh up the costs of driving the car across to Tassie vs freighting the car and flying us. Mum and Dad might take the big kids back to QLD with them (if they make it over at Christmas), so will just be husband, me and Master One to think about, possibly. Ooh, and really must make contact again with the removalists… Onwards!

In the meantime, this is actually only a nine week term (only eight of those with students), rather than the ten week term I thought it was. And we have a public holiday on Friday. Which means instead of 30 work days (which was only ever 29, cos the last day is Christmas party for staff), I actually only have 25 work days left before I finish. And four of those are already done. Eep.

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The Three Musketeers: steampunk and swords and not much else…

Okay, here’s the trailer for the 2011 film, The Three Musketeers. Watch it. I’ll wait. 

Right, you’re back? Good. You’ve now seen almost entirely all the best bits of the film. I say almost, because WOW were there some brilliant sword fighting scenes. I’m sure my friends with swordplay knowledge will poo-poo the fight scenes, but I thought they were brilliantly done. Sadly though, they really are the best bits of the movie. And I wanted it to be so much MORE.

Swordfights ahoy!

Well, to be fair, I really quite enjoyed watching it. It was fun, it was pacy, there were lots of lovely, MATURE, men to enjoy, there were some great female characters doing cool things (even though those things were, as in much of the rest of the movie, somewhat over the top). But seriously, this story has been told on the screen so many, many times, and to be the brilliant film I really wanted it to be, the film the trailer almost gave me hope for, it had to be something pretty damn special. And regretfully, it really isn’t.

It starts out being somewhat true to the original novel by Alexandre Dumas (although it does deviate from the second half of that story). It has great sword fights, as I’ve said, and the Musketeers are appropriately clever, talented and roguish. But you know what? So were these guys.

Those aren't Musketeers! THESE, are Musketeers…

And I think that’s the biggest problem for me, with this 2011 version. Sure, it’s pretty, and I loved the steampunk elements that were brought to it, but in almost every other way, this new version was simply a poor reflection of the very fun 1993 Disney movie. That’s right oldies, that film came out 18 years ago! Eep.

No, the outfit was not explained.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the 2011 Three Musketeers if a fun film to watch – go in, turn off your brain, and enjoy the spectacle. Enjoy Orlando Bloom being a sleazy, pouncy bad guy; enjoy Milla Jovovich in her corset (yes, they did); enjoy Stormageddon’s dad being pushed around (see what I did there Tansy? 🙂 ); enjoy the very silly king of France; enjoy the outlandishly varied accents… It’s all entirely watchable. But it’s not what I wanted it to be. Really not.

I think a lot of it comes down to the acting – I loved the actors, but I’m not sure all of them were well cast (my favourite was definitely Aramis (Luke Evans) as an actor, but for sheer delightfulness, Porthos (Ray Stevenson) was awesome). Anne (Juno Temple) was fabulous, but under-used. Christopher Waltz took time to grow on me, but seriously, compared to Tim Curry, who wouldn’t? On reflection, I think Waltz was very good as the Cardinal. But as for the rest? Not so much.

Abysmal hair design for d'Artagnan!

It’s interesting, going through the cast list and checking out their filmographies – I honestly just think many of them weren’t cut out for the role they were cast in, because they don’t lack acting chops. Jovovich (who does suffer from comparison to Rebecca de Mornay) couldn’t manage the subtlety needed to play the role of Milady; Macfayden didn’t have the grit I kind of expected from Athos; and can we please not speak of Logan Lerman as d’Artagnan. Especially his hair.

So yeah. It was fun. It wasn’t what I’d hoped. Maybe viewers who haven’t seen the 1993 version won’t have the same comparative problems I did (oh, and I should stress, I know THAT film was by no means perfect either!), and so a new generation of Musketeer fans will be born. But for us oldies, and those of us who REALLY WANTED a steampunk Three Musketeers to be just brilliant? Lower your expectations and just have fun.

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New Who in conversation: School Reunion (S02E03)

Watching New Who – in conversation with David McDonald, Tansy Rayner Roberts and Tehani Wessely
David is coming to New Who for the first time, having loved Classic Who as a kid. Tehani is a recent convert, and ploughed through Seasons 1 to 6 (so far) in just a few weeks after becoming addicted thanks to Matt Smith – she’s rewatching to keep up with David! Tansy is the expert in the team, with a history in Doctor Who fandom that goes WAY back, and a passion for Doctor Who that inspires us all. We’re going to work our way through New Who, using season openers and closers, and Hugo shortlisted episodes, as our blogging points. Just for fun! We have already talked about:
“Rose”, S01E01
“Dalek”, S01E06
“Father’s Day”, S01E08
“The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances”, S01E09/10
“Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways”, S01E12/13
Season One Report Card – DavidTansyTehani
“The Christmas Invasion”, 2005 Christmas Special
“New Earth”, S02E01

“School Reunion” – Season two, episode three
The Doctor – David Tennant
Rose Tyler – Billie Piper
Sarah Jane – Elisabeth Sladen


We only skip one episode (the werewolf-ish “Tooth and Claw”) before we get to the first of Season Two’s Hugo nominees, “School Reunion”. I think it’s pretty obvious why this one got the fan nod. Not only does it have Giles (Anthony Stewart Head) of BTVS (My fandoms! They cross over!) but of course, we see here the return of Sarah Jane and K9! Fan heads all over the world must have exploded Tansy!

I do want to say one thing about “Tooth and Claw” – I loved how Tennant’s Scottish was showing in that one – listen hard, you’ll hear it 🙂


I don’t think you have to listen too hard, he’s outright doing his own accent for most of the episode! I am a little wistful they wouldn’t let him be Scottish as the Doctor generally. He has a beautiful voice.


Other than the last five minutes, I thought “Tooth and Claw” was an excellent episode, I really enjoyed it. Had a nice nod to Classic Who, some great character acting and an awesome fight scene!


Heh it’s amazing how many stories of this era are brilliant until the last five minutes. But let’s leap ahead to the head-explodey “School Reunion”!

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Final tally…

The holiday To Do list was not conquered, but it got a visible knocking about. Even though I went back to work yesterday, I’ve let myself pretend the work I did last night and this afternoon still counts!

1. Tax (there’s a REASON it’s top of the list!) (Got an email from the accountant today, with some followup questions, but hopefully they’ll be easily answered!)

2. Read slush. (We shall STILL not speak of this).

3. CBCA reading (Box F finished by the deadline, hooking into Box G. Scarily, Box H is already on my shelf, and Box I is on its way!)

4. Write talk for WA Library Officer’s Day (DONE) And presented, last Friday – was fun!

5. Clean out shed & pack stuff (No. Chair is no longer being kicked by husband, but it just wasn’t a priority.)

6. Sell truck and Pajero for husband

7. Still be social! (Probably not quite as much as I would have liked, but on the other hand, I got lots of work done! Enjoyed high tea at the Hyatt with Alisa, Amanda and Terri on Saturday, as well as lovely visits with friends and playdates throughout the holidays.)

8. Compile WASLA Library Journal. Fairly important that one! (Woo! Well, it’s not at the printer, but it IS at the final proofer, and it looks great!)

In other news, Master One had his eye operation today. We had to be there by 6.30, and he wasn’t permitted food or drink until after the op – can you imagine! It was a little later than I’d hoped by the time he went into theatre (and it was a little weird comforting him as he was being put under anaesthetic) but he coped remarkably well. A bit upset on waking up, but proceeded to drink and eat very happily and had lots of big cuddles with mummy and daddy. Perked up significantly within about an hour, and we ended up leaving earlier than usual, because he was running up and down the corridors! A big sleep when we got home (for me and him!) and he’s right as rain, bar a few puncture wounds from needles and a little puffiness in his face. He had a bit of blood from his nose throughout the day, but the doctor had told me to possibly expect that. And while paying our medical coverage hurts a lot at the time, the speed and ease of getting this procedure done (in a private hospital, with a private room, within three weeks of the specialist appointment) makes it hurt a little less (no excess either!).

What else? I went back to work yesterday, kids were back at school today. They finished Vac Swim on Friday, with good feedback although neither passed their stage (expected).

Nice to have husband home for a change! Really have missed being a two parent family.

And Mum’s results last week were not what we’d hoped. Find out more tomorrow. It’s not good, but it’s hopeful, we think.

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The list!

I’ve got a few more things to cross off. Unfortunately, the biggest jobs on the list are as yet untouched *sigh*

1. Tax (there’s a REASON it’s top of the list!)

2. Read slush. (We shall STILL not speak of this).

3. CBCA reading (Box F finished by the deadline, yay! I’m reading Debris before ploughing into Box G though)

4. Write talk for WA Library Officer’s Day (DONE)

5. Clean out shed & pack stuff (No. And have no inspiration to do so. Husband has been kicking my chair. Again.)

6. Sell truck and Pajero for husband (Truck went on the weekend, Paj went yesterday)

7. Still be social! (Lovely play at the park yesterday, visitors lined up for tomorrow, special thing on Saturday, birthday party Sunday)

8. Compile WASLA Library Journal. Fairly important that one! (shhhh)

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