A productive long weekend

I’m almost at the end of a four day weekend (Friday was a public holiday here, for the Queen, and I don’t work Thursdays). I must have known I’d be in the mood to get stuff done, as I had a skip delivered on Tuesday. The skip was intended for clearing out the rubbish in the sheds, but once that was done, it had barely made any impression on the skip (husband suggested it meant I really hadn’t cleaned much out. I told him to shush). However, I couldn’t just let the skip go to waste, and so the weekend of GARDENING occurred!

I’m not really the gardening type. I don’t mind watering plants, and strangely enjoy mowing (but I don’t like emptying the mower bucket!) but rarely find I’m in the mood to weed, or design gardens or anything like that. However, we have these ridiculously fast growing bush lemon trees in our backyard which really needed a stern talking to – with battery-powered pruning shears! I went to Bunnings (and was ripped off by bad shelf signage), purchasing said shears, a rake, heavy duty garden gloves, garden bucket and cheap spade. So armed, I went into battle against the massive trees, hacking away at the thickest branches my new shears would manage. I did not escape unscathed – those trees have nasty long thorns, so I’m a bit prickled on my arms, but, after three days off and on, I’m feeling rather proud of myself. I’ve completely cleared the leaf litter (and decaying lemon litter) from under the trees, and they’ve been cut back to be more canopy than child-danger, and it feels like the back yard is suddenly twice the size!

Despite husband’s admonitions yesterday, this morning I also did some judicious pruning of the four trees behind the pool, which had bushed out so much you couldn’t get past them on the ladder-side (particularly problematic because the bees really love them). I think I did a good job! I reckon he probably won’t even notice 🙂 And finally, I’ve done a bit of tidying of plants that didn’t survive winter (ahem, because I completely took watering off my list of jobs for winter. Oops) and cleaned up the gardens. Go me! Arms are pleasantly sore and I’m feeling all healthful after all the fresh air! It’s been a lovely weekend for it as well, which was a nice bonus.

In other news, I’m officially a week ahead of schedule for CBCA reading, sending off a report today that’s not due til Monday week. Which means I can start on the next pile that’s waiting, but also probably squeeze in a couple of books for pleasure (I managed to finish Steampunk! over the past week, but there are so many other books still languishing on my TBR shelves!). Fair bit of review reading sitting there too. Really should get on to that. And I’ve started packing some boxes in the kids’ rooms – the bookcases are copping a hiding, because we have so many books that even if we pack up 90%, there’s plenty to keep us entertained! And because they are awesome, my big kids have been playing nicely together all weekend (with Spider-Man Monopoly winning out over computer & DS for the most part). Master One has been most “helpful” outside…

We did have husband home for one whole day yesterday. He’s gone off again, for two or three weeks (hopefully two, which will bring him back in time for Master Eight’s birthday). We managed to go out to the park for an hour or so yesterday (after three hours there at a birthday party on Friday), and to Sizzler for an early dinner yesterday. And a quick visit with my aunt. Did well! We’re about to head off to our second birthday party of the weekend, which I will hopefully be skivving out of to visit with Terri. Woot! Oh, and apparently I only have 21 days of work left. Did I mention that?

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