Well, that sucks

My mum has been on a rollercoaster for the past few weeks. Well, maybe not a rollercoaster – that would imply there have been ups. Unfortunately, the ride has been all downhill. She has gone from being a healthy 61-year old who feels fine, to a person about to be admitted to Leukemia House in Brisbane for the next six to nine months, to be treated for an aggressive lymphoma. Her GP came across high calcium levels in her blood about four weeks ago, and from then it’s just been an escalating diagnosis, from suspected parathyroid problem to suspected lymphoma to stage three lymphoma (treatable with six months of chemo) to this. And you know what? It fucking sucks being on the opposite side of the country right now. 😦 For a wonder, my brother (who lives very near them) has actually stepped up, so that’s at least something, but I feel so bloody useless and I have no idea what to do.

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