Preparing a house

I’ve really started to get a roll on towards getting the house ready to rent when we leave in January. Today the plumber came and replaced two sets of taps and fixed another. I bought three ceiling fans, a new fluro light and a closer for the hall cupboard (light and closer both subsequently installed by ME!) – sparky is booked and will come soon to install fans and at least one new powerpoint. On Thursday we had a real estate agent come out to discuss possible pricing – had a different agency come today to see what they think, and then we’ll decide who to go with. I have a skip, to chuck out any rubbish I come across, and as I only have it for a week, it means I have to do some sorting out. Yay for long weekend coming up!

It seems we may have decided exactly where we might like to live (barring me getting a fantastic job in Launceston in the next three weeks or so!) and have been communicating with an agent over there about a house for rent that we quite like. A bit dearer than we’d thought, but also newer, in a nice place with INTERNET!

I have to sit down and weigh up the costs of driving the car across to Tassie vs freighting the car and flying us. Mum and Dad might take the big kids back to QLD with them (if they make it over at Christmas), so will just be husband, me and Master One to think about, possibly. Ooh, and really must make contact again with the removalists… Onwards!

In the meantime, this is actually only a nine week term (only eight of those with students), rather than the ten week term I thought it was. And we have a public holiday on Friday. Which means instead of 30 work days (which was only ever 29, cos the last day is Christmas party for staff), I actually only have 25 work days left before I finish. And four of those are already done. Eep.

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