Final tally…

The holiday To Do list was not conquered, but it got a visible knocking about. Even though I went back to work yesterday, I’ve let myself pretend the work I did last night and this afternoon still counts!

1. Tax (there’s a REASON it’s top of the list!) (Got an email from the accountant today, with some followup questions, but hopefully they’ll be easily answered!)

2. Read slush. (We shall STILL not speak of this).

3. CBCA reading (Box F finished by the deadline, hooking into Box G. Scarily, Box H is already on my shelf, and Box I is on its way!)

4. Write talk for WA Library Officer’s Day (DONE) And presented, last Friday – was fun!

5. Clean out shed & pack stuff (No. Chair is no longer being kicked by husband, but it just wasn’t a priority.)

6. Sell truck and Pajero for husband

7. Still be social! (Probably not quite as much as I would have liked, but on the other hand, I got lots of work done! Enjoyed high tea at the Hyatt with Alisa, Amanda and Terri on Saturday, as well as lovely visits with friends and playdates throughout the holidays.)

8. Compile WASLA Library Journal. Fairly important that one! (Woo! Well, it’s not at the printer, but it IS at the final proofer, and it looks great!)

In other news, Master One had his eye operation today. We had to be there by 6.30, and he wasn’t permitted food or drink until after the op – can you imagine! It was a little later than I’d hoped by the time he went into theatre (and it was a little weird comforting him as he was being put under anaesthetic) but he coped remarkably well. A bit upset on waking up, but proceeded to drink and eat very happily and had lots of big cuddles with mummy and daddy. Perked up significantly within about an hour, and we ended up leaving earlier than usual, because he was running up and down the corridors! A big sleep when we got home (for me and him!) and he’s right as rain, bar a few puncture wounds from needles and a little puffiness in his face. He had a bit of blood from his nose throughout the day, but the doctor had told me to possibly expect that. And while paying our medical coverage hurts a lot at the time, the speed and ease of getting this procedure done (in a private hospital, with a private room, within three weeks of the specialist appointment) makes it hurt a little less (no excess either!).

What else? I went back to work yesterday, kids were back at school today. They finished Vac Swim on Friday, with good feedback although neither passed their stage (expected).

Nice to have husband home for a change! Really have missed being a two parent family.

And Mum’s results last week were not what we’d hoped. Find out more tomorrow. It’s not good, but it’s hopeful, we think.

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