A week of ups and downs

It’s been a funny old week. The best news of the week so far is that I have a new niece! My brother and his wife had their third baby this morning, and we’re all delighted she’s a girl. Her two big brothers (and boy cousins) aren’t all that impressed, but Miss Six is delighted. I have photos, but I might get in trouble for sharing them 🙂

Not so good news is that Mum has been diagnosed with lymphoma (not sure which type yet). She’s having a biopsy today and a PET scan tomorrow, and we’ll know more next week. We’re very hopeful, given it’s been caught early, we think, by a very tenacious doctor, but it’s a bit of a shock, given that’s she’s feeling entirely well! Starting to think my dad’s family are a bit of a worry. Of six siblings, FIVE of their spouses have battled cancer (but they themselves are healthy as horses)! A little freaky.

We’re choosing to run with all the positives this week, despite the downers. What else can you do?

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