Flying time

I don’t understand where time disappears to – seriously, it just vanishes! We’ve only five days left of the holidays, and it’s whipping by. Part of the problem is, I think, the late start to each weekday thanks to crappy swimming lesson time. I’m getting better at going and doing other things prior to lessons, but I much prefer a 9am lesson then the rest of the day stretching ahead – far more convenient!

Regardless of how quickly time is passing, here’s my list of things I needed to get done, and how I’m going with that:

1. Tax (there’s a REASON it’s top of the list!) (Done! Waiting to hear from the accountant to see if any further info is required, but I was delighted to send if off last week.)

2. Read slush. (We shall not speak of this).

3. CBCA reading (Box F finished by the deadline, yay! I’m reading Debris before ploughing into Box G though)

4. Write talk for WA Library Officer’s Day (for next Friday) (not yet, but I did write an article on the new podcast for the QLD library association instead – that totally counts, yeah? Fine, okay, it’s next on my list…)

5. Clean out shed & pack stuff (Um, not really – I did pack up a couple more boxes of books though).

6. Sell truck and Pajero for husband (Truck went on the weekend, Paj goes tomorrow. Yay me.)

7. Still be social! (Hmmm, not as much as I’d like – a few playdates for kids, but not really many for me, darn it!)

8. Compile WASLA Library Journal. Fairly important that one! (Erm, starting that tonight! To be fair, it’s really only layout I have to do – most content is folderised, ready to go).

What have I been doing instead of these jobs? Swimming (I’ve done at least half an hour of laps each day Master One has been at daycare, and swum with him on the others), watching Fringe and Doctor Who, um, surely some other stuff… Oh, we watched Spy Kids 4D yesterday – as silly as you might expect, but fun to see Jessica Alba kicking butt while 9 months pregnant or with a baby strapped to her chest!

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