Well, that was a birthday!

Miss Six celebrated her sixth birthday today. Despite the fact we weren’t having a party this year (just like we weren’t having one last year), somehow we ended up at the bowling alley with 20+ kids and a LOT of noise! In a way, I felt a bit like it was M6’s last time with that particular group of friends (some from daycare, some from school – she’s been friends with some of them for four years, so moving will be a big step), so decided to do the party. While having it at bowling was expensive, it meant the only thing I had to organise was the cake (love you Cheesecake Shop), and even though I was still kid wrangling throughout the party, not having to worry about set up and clean up was TOTALLY worth the money! They supplied the party bags and all. Bliss! M6 had a lovely time with her friends, Master Eight enjoyed it cos he loves bowling (and had a few friends with him as well, so totally happy), and it overall went very well. So happy birthday, my six year old girl – as you can see from the pix, she’s growing up! 

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