I’ve had a great day! Today I have:

* ordered Miss Five’s birthday cake

* purchased Master Eight a new swimming rashie (cos his Vac Swim lessons are in the outside pool and he’s a skinny monkey and freezing!)

* purchased Miss Five a very pretty dress for her birthday

* swum for 40 minutes while the kids did lessons

* FINISHED MY TAX and posted it off to the accountant! Amazing what you can get done with just one (very good) eight year old in the house! (Miss Five was at a friend’s, Master One at daycare)

* got M8 to write a letter to his grandparents to thank them for the nice surprise he got yesterday as a reward for his great NAPLAN results

* sorted out and updated FableCroft accounts

* done more washing & tidied up

* re-listed the Pajero for sale on eBay and posted it at as well.

A most productive day! I’m rather pleased with myself 🙂


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4 responses to “Productivity!

  1. Oi!

    Booknut Ep 2 is broken. I can’t get 😦

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