I’ve always loved swimming. As a kid, we practically lived at the pool, or if there was no pool, in the dams and rivers. I was never going to be a champion, but I’m a good swimmer and doing laps was never a chore (unlike, say, running or bike riding – never going to be my exercise of choice!). I enjoyed doing it, it was peaceful and relaxing. Today is the first day in I have no idea how long that I’ve swum laps. I really, honestly cannot remember when I last did it. I get in the pool a lot, with the kids, but it’s got to be six years since I did laps for the pure exercise of it? Before Miss Five (SIX ON FRIDAY!) was born, possibly while I was pregnant with her. SIX YEARS! How does that happen?

Here’s the thing – it’s really quite difficult to get time on your own to swim laps when you have small kids. When they’re really tiny, and just loll about in the pram, you *might* manage it for a while, but once they’re mobile, or just not content to sit in the pram unentertained for an hour, you really can’t take them to the pool and expect to get any swimming done.

Today (and for about five more days these holidays), Master One is at daycare. The big kids have VacSwim each day. So for about 40 minutes, I can take my new flippers and goggles and borrow a kickboard from lost property and do laps. I thoroughly enjoyed it today, and it felt really good (except for the coughing after I did any freestyle, thanks to the hangover of my flu, but even that meant that things were working!). I’m really looking forward to the next couple of weeks of swimming and hopefully, if I get into the habit, I might be able to figure out the childminding service they run and make it a couple of times a week from then on too.

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  1. I, too, love swimming laps, though I am NOT a good swimmer (because of being a bit blind and not liking to put my face in the water)…I will brave breaststroke and backstroke but that’s all :p

    And YES, it doesn’t matter how much time you spend at the pool with kids, it is not time spent swimming! Instead, I shepherd the Small One around the various water-spraying creatures, getting embarrassed when she climbs to the top of the water slide, I’m waiting at the bottom to catch her, and then she starts crying because she’s too scared and there’s 20 kids on the ladder behind her. YAY.

    I swam three times a week when I was preggers (Mum got me a pool membership) and it was heaven.

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