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In the past few months (hmm, post-Swancon?) I’ve been watching an AWFUL lot of tv, but only on the computer. iTunes has become my bestest friend and I had to get a memory upgrade for the laptop because I’d bought so many shows! I glommed Doctor Who (and am now rewatching with Tansy and David – sorry guys, I’ve let the side down but I PROMISE I’ll be back on top in the next day or so!) and dabbled with Fringe, Being Human and Chuck (all of which I plan to continue with) before downing Misfits and now Haven. I watched Haven last night and was HORRIFIED when Alisa noted that it was the season finale! Noooooo! So. Long. To. Wait. Ah well, at least I have Doctor Who. But today is the last episode! Noooooo!

Heh. Luckily I do have quite a lot of Fringe and Chuck and Being Human, there’s new Sherlock coming soon, and if I’m really stuck, Torchwood beckons. I don’t know why I’ve gotten so stuck into some of these shows, but I’ve really been enjoying it. Possibly not the best time to be mainlining a stack of shows, what with the millions of books I have to read (ahem, and submissions), so eventually I guess I’ll have to slow down, but until that point, I’m hooked!

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