In other news…

I mentioned it everywhere else but forgot to say it here! We had a very exciting bit of news yesterday, finding out that RJ Astruc’s story from Worlds Next Door has been shortlisted for the fabulous WSFA Small Press Award. I’ve blogged more about it here, and am terribly excited! The winner is announced in October.

And on the home front, we received Master Eight’s NAPLAN results yesterday too. NAPLAN is national testing conducted with all students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9, so this was his first year and I’m DELIGHTED by his results. His Reading (comprehension) is pretty much off the chart, his Spelling, Grammar and Numeracy are all above national average, with only his Writing coming in under national average (though still above school average and within normal limits). So proud of him!

I think I also may have forgotten to mention that Miss Five’s class performed at assembly last week – she was a singing star and had a speaking part. Okay, maybe I did mention that, but wanted to have a positive in this post for her too 🙂

Am proud mummy.

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