Being social

The weekend simply flew by (as did today!), because we were having a lovely social time!

Friday night we got a surprise visit from husband, in between flights. Only home for a couple of hours but the big kids were delighted. Was lovely to have him home, even for a very short time.

On Saturday I played host to Helen’s get together – she invited a bunch of friends to my house for the afternoon/evening. Why my house? So that she didn’t have to stress about getting ready for it, mostly! I spent a couple of hours in the morning tidying up and cooking – veggie soup and my super duper veggie slice/muffins – then managed to fit in a couple of episodes of Haven before people arrived – VERY organised! The ladies were all lovely, the kids played beautifully, and the last of them (Helen, Sarah and Ju + progeny) rolled out the door at about 10pm. I was sensible and quit the wine quite a lot earlier than that!

Sunday we thought we’d head for the swimming pool but the weather was revolting and I really didn’t want to. Fortuitously, the Batts sent us a message asking if we wanted to meet them at the Fun Station for a playdate, which we did! We then came back to our place and I made spag bol for lunch for us all, which meant lots of lovely conversation time (and again, kids were great).

Poor Master One had an attack of the vicious nappy rash again, and I think we might be able to pin it down to strawberries (which he loves, and between us all on Saturday we consumed a couple of kilos, supplied by Helen and Sarah – reckon that’s what it is). Have advised daycare and we’ll keep him away from them for a while (at least til he’s out of nappies!).

Our praccie started today at work, for two weeks – very nice, mature age student, works in a school library part-time already, so most useful! She got stuck in to it straightaway and is already tidying up our messes 🙂 Day flew by though, and now it’s time for home!


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2 responses to “Being social

  1. Thank you for being our hostess
    You definitely had the mostess!

  2. Fe

    Each of ours reacted to strawberries for the first year or so—we limited them a _lot_ for a couple of years… Now they can eat them with gay abandon:-)

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