Checking in

I have a little head cold – it’s making me a bit dopey, which means I forget to blog. Although to be fair, I’ve also been doing massive long blog posts for the Doctor Who conversational reviews, as well as sorting out the On Indie Press blogs (which I shifted to FableCroft – check them out here!), so I’ve been keeping my words up!

Have been nicely social as well, with a full day of visits and visitors yesterday, and lots of fun at work too. We spoiled our co-worker rotten last week at work (for a special birthday ending in “0”), culminating in a cuppa and cake and little blue box from Tiffany’s on Monday morning, which was a lot of fun. And am starting to get a bit serious about planning the move – even rang up to cancel Foxtel today (which we simply haven’t been watching, particularly with hubby away so much), but instead got a $33 per month discount until January. I can live with that!

My slush reading is just about to cause an avalanche in my inbox, so really must get on top of that – expect more in the final two weeks of the reading period!

And finally, some kid pix spam!

Why yes, I AM rather cute!

Miss Five performed in her class assembly item on Tuesday.

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