Family time

I’ve been making a conscious effort this past few days to spend more time doing things with the kids. We have a tendency to come home, and veg out, with telly, computers, DS consoles etc. We do homework together and reading, but not always a lot else. So I decided that instead of coming straight home from school or daycare, we’d go somewhere and do some activity (we also need to be more active, and with the weather warming up and days getting longer again, there’s no excuses!). There’s lots of great parks where we live, we have beautiful walking paths along the foreshore, and in lots of other places, so we’re doing some exploring. It’s been really good – we’re getting more exercise and fresh air, being more social (often going to the park with friends) and we’re talking a lot more. I’ve got good kids, and I don’t want to lose them (to being incommunicado or not-so-good. Not yet anyway!), so this is something I want to maintain. We’ve also instigated a weekly trip to the indoor pool, til it warms up enough to use our own at least! We all love swimming, so it’s no real hardship!

Interestingly, it’s been a lot easier to do than I thought. Should have done it ages ago.

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  1. It is surprisingly easy to actually DO stuff with kids, once you decide to make the effort! And so much fun. 🙂

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