A scary countdown

There’s only 41 work days left for me until the end of the year. I work three days a week, if that helps explain it. That’s not all that many really, considering that Term 4 is our busiest term, being a bookhire school (all the textbooks come back, getting new texts for next year, all that). It’s also a bit scary in that it looks like we’ll be leaving at the end of the year, and I will need to do all those things that leaves my job in a place that is easy to pick up for whoever comes in after me. I’ve not yet put in my resignation (and am actually hoping to ask for leave without pay), but given the seriousness with which my husband is taking his Tasmanian venture, it seems fairly likely to occur.

That also means a LOT of sorting out and getting rid of stuff, because I REFUSE to move it all again! So. Many. Boxes. I think I’ll aim for a garage sale during the upcoming holidays, as a start to the purge! No fun, but gotta be done.

In other news, I finally got the last thing to organise our tax returns yesterday, so can get that sorted. I have about 20 submissions in my inbox for Apocalypse Hope – the trickle has become a flow, in the last few weeks of the reading period – hopefully it doesn’t become a flood! I’ve also been blogging Doctor Who with Tansy and David, and am hosting a series of posts on indie publishing (started here, but now moving over to FableCroft). And I’ve even been reading non-judging books! Finished my last box and am still waiting on the next, so snuck in a bunch of books off the TBR shelves – yay me!

Busy? Moi? 🙂

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