Weekends are cool

It’s been a fairly quiet one (bar the number of cars driving around in our usually very quiet cul-de-sac today – weird). The kids and I have done a quick grocery shop, a walk to the park and a swim during the weekend, but otherwise it’s been Wiggles, Pop Tropica and Nintendo DS for them, a visit from Terri, Misfits and Doctor Who for me! I managed to unexpectedly divest of the two larger kids this afternoon, off to a friend’s, so just me and bub for a few hours! He’s become a Wiggles convert (and the newish Best of the Wiggles DVD is super long! Wonderful!) and has just been playing with Play Doh in his high chair for a bit (oops, he ate a bit. Ah well). Quite lovely actually, even with the constant cheeriness from the television (some of those songs are MAJOR earworms!). Hmmm, wonder if there’s work I should be doing. Oh look, a pile of unfolded washing *averts eyes*.

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