Apparently it’s birthday season

Sometimes it seems that everyone we know has their birthdays in the second half of the year. Logically, I know this isn’t true (and thinking about it I come up with a bunch of people who are in the first half!) but right now, birthdays looooooom. We had two toddler birthdays over the past two weeks, and this week Miss Five went to two parties after school. We’ve got a bunch more before the end of term too. Gets expensive! With all our birthdays between now and Christmas, I’m already getting gifts started. And husband turns FORTY this year. What on earth can I do for that??

It’s been lovely having him home for a few days. The kids have loved it and it’s nice to have someone sharing the wrangling load. Although we didn’t manage to get out together on our own, we still had a good week. Back to single-parenthood tomorrow but will hopefully be able to catch up with some people – socialising has disappeared!

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  1. I feel your pain: we have number two son’s 17th, number 3 son’s 7th, number 2 daughter’s 9th, my neice’s 8th, my 41st and grandson number one’s 1st all between here and the first week of December, the last 2 on the same day!

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