It’s nice to not be a single parent

In an eight week period, my husband will have been home for a total of eight days. This is not really a lot. We’ve been a part-time family for about eight years now, since he started working in mining, and have had lots of rosters to work around: one month on, one month off; eight days on, six off; two weeks on, one off; and now two weeks on, two off. It’s never bothered me before (although one month on, one off is just crazy). To a point, I RELY on it, because I do get a lot more work done when husband is away than when he’s home! But being a two parent household is very different to being a single parent household, particularly with three kids. I really don’t know how single parents do it and stay sane – being able to have time to go to the shop ON YOUR OWN. Not having to do school drop off and pick up EVERY DAY, being able to go to bed EARLY and let someone else get up to the baby – these are all luxuries! So it’s very nice to have husband home, if only for a few days. It’s also made it even clearer why we need to move to Tassie, and plans are crystalising for that. Onwards!

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